Make your trip a comfortable, fun and memorable experience with our camper for pickup!

At Sarch Camper we offer you that your trips become a totally different experience, giving you fun, freedom and comfort

Live the adventure of your dreams with us!

At Sarch we have been working with composites for the manufacture of our boats for 10 years. Over time we have been applying this technology to different production processes for parts that go beyond shipbuilding. This is how Sarch CAMPER was born, which focuses on the construction of camper modules for pickup. Taking advantage of Sarch’s know-how, we manufacture the lightest habitable cells on the market with top quality materialsm and a design marked by aerodynamics, thanks to which we achieve fuel savings and greater safety on the road.

Live your adventures comfortably

Live your adventures comfortably At Sarch Camper we offer you the maximum comfort in our cells for pickup, so you can enjoy all your trips, adventures and experiences feeling at home.

We adapt to your style

We also adapt to your tastes and needs, offering you a wide variety of options for your CAMPER truck. So don’t think twice, you’re in the right place.

We offer you top quality

We use the best materials, which will make your trip a safe and lasting experience, so you can live your best moments enjoying our cell for pickup to the fullest.

Enjoy your passion your way!

At Sarch Camper you can enjoy your passion whether you are a young person who lives his adventures alone or in company, or you want an unforgettable family vacation, or even if you want to enjoy your retirement years comfortably living the best experiences.


If you like adventure and want to have all your stuff with you to live your experiences in a more complete way, our CAMPER cells for pickup are what adventurers like you need.

So you will be able to enjoy your trips in a comfortable way taking all your equipment with you.


Traveling as a family gives you moments that remain forever in your memory. At Sarch Camper we want you to enjoy all these trips and moments with your family in a more comfortable way.

For every traveling family we have the perfect CAMPER cell, guaranteeing comfort and all those aspects of home that your family likes so much

celula pickup para familias

Outdoor hobbies

For people like you who love the outdoors activities, we also offer you the possibility to take your passion wherever you want in the most comfortable and simple way.

If you want to go on trips and know every place where you can enjoy your hobby, our CAMPER cells will make you enjoy your passion anywhere in the world in a comfortable way making the most of every trip.

The best life

If you have always wanted to travel the world and live many exciting experiences, but either due to lack of time or work you have not been able to make your dream come true. You must know that although time has passed, age is no impediment for you to enjoy what you are so passionate about. So at Sarch Camper we encourage you to enjoy all these experiences with our pick up cells.

Enjoy amazing experiences!

Make your dreams come true with our cells for pickup.

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